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Modern Foundry (Ahmedabad) Pvt. Ltd. embarked on our journey in 1982 with only one aim- Manufacturing quality casting with 100% accuracy and Guaranteed performance. Today we are the most trusted and respected Iron Casting makers for a large national and international customer base.


Over 3 decades of experience, along with highly professional staff, we have developed our strengths extremely in the areas of Iron Casting. For us YOU as a CUSTOMER is at the heart of the overall development process, we value your opinions and respect your suggestions to deliver a world class solution. Our consistent R&D efforts, organized manufacturing methods along with upgrading to better technology assure best products with timely delivery.

our people - our strength

 Shri. Rakeshbhai (Founder)

We salute the dignity and efforts of our company founder, Shri. Rakeshbhai. He was acknowledged for his dynamism, foresight and forward thinking. He was gifted with kindness, simplicity, trustworthiness, diligence and affection, and will be always remember for his selfless and intelligent commitment towards the company. In order to give perpetuity to our late founder, all of us have pledged to adopt his principals as guideposts for today and tomorrow.

Shri. Maheshbhai

Shri. Maheshbhai is a friendly person with strong willpower, intelligent strategic vision backed up by over 10 years of experience in the field. He promotes discipline while respecting human values. He has both creative and technical approach towards the work. His firm determination and passion towards makes him a perfect leader.




Valuing the personal inner sense of wholeness, being honest and respectful with each other
I am just highly impresed!
Persistent in efforts, developing new, effective processes for product deliverance
Devoted to provide performing and distinct products against your valuable investment.
Trust and Loyalty
Building a never breaking collaboration with you based on trust and being loyal to your ideas and adherence to your guidelines.
Talented workforce
Employing the best human talent, train and develop them in gathering new skills, in a concerted, assisting and courteous environment.

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